May 1st, 2020



Very excited to announce the 2nd shipment of our ‘Life Was Better’ vinyl has finally hit the country and just in time for Bandcamp Friday! From 5pm today (May 1st), you can pre-order your copy. Just click HERE. Vinyl platter comes in a black and orange colour combo.

We are also putting the finishing touches to our Bandcamp merch page with more cool items up for grabs from 12pm tomorrow (May 2nd – USA time difference means Bandcamp Friday extends into our Saturday). Keep your eyes peeled for a further detailed announce on that later today.

Cheers everyone! Dirtbags 😎

(NB: Bandcamp are waiving their commission fees for a day so 100% of sales go to the artist, pretty cool!)


hey guys, you have been asking us for ages (and been very patient) so we are very happy to announce that we finally have our merch store up and running! We’ve rolled out the first batch of items which includes our ‘Signs Of Satanic Youth’ reissue 12″ on vinyl (black and also blue & yellow vinyl) and on CD, the ‘Life Was Better’ reissue on CD, our ‘Puberty Blues’ t shirt and the classic MD stubby holder. Stocks are limited so be quick! Just click here –  ‘MERCH STORE’ or on image above.

A second announce with more cool items is also coming soon. With regard to the ‘Life Was Better’ vinyl, due to COVID-19 the shipment into OZ has been delayed but we will keep you updated on that front and let you know when it is available for purchase.

Stay safe and cheers everyone! Dirtbags 👍


Today ten years ago, we lost our dear friend and band mate, Dean Turner. The sense of loss and the pain has not diminished in any way and we carry his memory with us always, and everywhere in whatever we do, but it is not the grief and sadness that we want to share, because Dean was a bright and beautiful man that always tried to bring light and joy to the world. So today we want to express our gratitude and love for him, and for the gifts that he imparted to us with his friendship. His love for the music that is Magic Dirt, his drive and persistence in the face of difficulty, his passion and patience, his love of Australian artists, the championing of anything different, special, unique and underrepresented, his rooting for the underdog, and his integrity as a human being and a musician. Those are the things he taught us and we would not be who we are without them.

Today is the 10 year anniversary of Dean’s passing, we miss him more than ever, but we are so happy that his music continues to give people joy and happiness, so now when we play and look out to the crowd, we see Dean’s love and music radiating out, still touching people, still beating, rockin’ and snarlin’, it’s really, really hard sometimes but mostly it’s a massive overwhelming rush. 

Thank you Dean for your love, warmth and friendship, we miss you and always will. 

August 21st, 2019